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From us to you… Tena Koutou Katoa Welcome

The Mossburn Connection Point Church meets in homes on Friday evenings at 7pm.

We meet for Christian Worship, Biblical teaching, prayer, fun and fellowship. All welcome 

We are proud to be part of the Otautau Connect (New Life Church)

We Believe


Our image of God is our most powerful belief. Who we believe God is determines how we interpret the Bible and how we apply what we believe. We believe that God is Love and that God is Good. We interpret the Bible and apply its teachings through the lens that God is Love and God is Good.

We believe that God is a trinity: Father, Son and Spirit. We believe that the Trinity is perfectly united in Love and that the loving fellowship of the Trinity models divine family. The fellowship of the Trinity is an unbroken cycle of divine love, where each member of the Trinity shares and receives divine love perfectly.


The source of our values is our image of God. We believe that God is Love, God is Good and God is a Trinity perfectly united in love. As a result our core value is love. We regularly ask ourselves and train others to ask this question in every context: What does Love look like? Whatever Love looks like, that’s what we value. 

The value of Love acts as a compass to us, always giving us clear direction for our next step in the midst of many dynamic situations, challenges to overcome and people to relate to. 



Our culture reflects our values. We are very intentional about building a culture that models the fellowship of the Trinity. There is a Maori word that catches the essence of this divine culture. It is whanau-nga-tanga.

The word whanau means family, the word whanau-nga-tanga carries a concept of powerful community, relationship and connection that catches the essence of the fellowship of the Trinity – divine family. We are building a culture of whanaungatanga using these essential building blocks.

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